Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro MCR GLOBEX GROUP d.o.o.: Svetozara Papica 2 11000 Beograd Tel. +381 11 3169 711 E-mail:

Bosnia and Hercegovina BH MASTER d.o.o.: Prijeko bb 71300 Visoko Tel. +387 62 40371 E-mail:

Croatia Globex strojevi d.o.o.: Rakitska ul. 3, 10431 Novaki, Sveta Nedelja, Hrvatska Tel. +385 98 444192 E-mail:


Globex is known for higher quality of its range of products and for the excellent services provided by our experienced personnel. We offer to our clients the execution of special application, general overhauls and modification of the original models for special applications (army, fire departments, civil defense etc.). Through a long period experience we ensure the best and rational solutions for the most demanding clients.
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